Books on Sir Syed released

ALIGARH. Two books, “Afkar-i-Sir Syed Ki Asri Maanwiyat” and “Ihya-e-Islam Ki Aalami Jidd-o-Jehd Aur Maujooda Challenges”, authored by Dr. Tauqueer Alam Falahi of Department of Theology were released by the Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University, Lt. General (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah and former Pro-Chancellor, Nawab Ibne Saeed Khan of Chhatari earlier this month.

Appreciating the work of Dr. Falahi, the VC said that his books have covered a large spectrum of issues and challenges faced by the Muslim community in the world. He said that the biggest problems before the community are lack of proper education and ignorance of women to their rights. He said that Dr. Falahi has categorically analysed these issues and provided solutions in the light of historical and cultural development of the community.

Gen. Shah said that the AMU has opened the gate for higher academic pursuance for students of Madrasa stream and thousands of students are receiving higher education in the University after receiving Aalmiyat and Fazeelat degrees.

Nawab Ibne Saeed Khan of Chhatari said that Islam is a regulated way of life and Quran provides as the embodiment of rules and regulations for the whole universe. He said that Dr. Tauqueer Alam has very minutely studied the problems and issues facing the Muslim community around the world and contented them in his book with a great personal insight.

Highlighting the relevance of Sir Syed’s ideas, Prof. A. R. Kidwai, Director, UGC Academic Staff College said that Dr. Falahi’s book has brought to fore the various aspects of Sir Syed’s views on Muslim renaissance in the country and their relevance in the new era. He said that the book reflects the deep understanding of the author of Sir Syed and his Aligarh Movement.

Prof. Abul Kalam Qasmi praised Dr. Falahi’s efforts to shed light on Sir Syed and Mualana Azad’s analysis of the holy Quran. He said that the book will serve as an addition to Sir Syed understanding.

Prof. Saud Alam Qasmi, Dean, faculty of Theology and Prof. Ali Mohammad Naqvi, former Dean, Faculty of Theology and Chairman, Department of Shia Theology also addressed the gathering. Dr. Mufti Zahid Ali Khan congratulated Dr. Falahi on writing the books that would help researchers and students take cue to study the subject further.

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