I am an Indian and I am a Muslim

From being addressed as a traitor, to a Pakistani, and of course the usual ‘terrorist’ tag, thanks to the hatred some of my countrymen have against Muslims; I bear it all each day. Twitter, day in and day out is filled with hate messages from the hardliners who demand a certification of patriotism from me, just because I am a Muslim. Feels sad. But then, that is what it is! Just a mere ‘feeling’. I pull up my socks again and get out there on the virtual battlefield to fight my Indianess. I really do not need to do so but I still choose to do it.

It amuses me that individuals with no claim to fame of contributing anything for India indulge in dirty name callings when I raise my voice against intolerance. The usual is, people like these need to be sent to Pakistan. Hell, no! Why should anyone have the right to decide on my choice of country? Why should anyone have the right to question my belongingness to India? And most importantly, why should anyone have the right to dictate terms to me!

Everyday in our school (a Parsi one) we used to recite the Indian Pledge. The first line stated – India is my Country. This has ever since got etched in my mind and each time anyone questions my belonging to India, it amuses me no end. Discrimination is at its worse today. Those who get abusive on social media and question the minorities of India and their belonging to India seem to be fighting a battle that is minus any agenda. What good would it do to them if they are indeed successful in wiping out Muslims or any other minority group from the country? I doubt they must have put any thought to this? The country runs on skills pooled in by people from different religious walks of life. I wonder if they even realise that the food that they eat for sure has passed through hands of some minority in India before reaching them. That the public transport they use would have had some contribution of a minority. That the clothes they wear or like to flaunt could have been put to shape by a person belonging to a community they spit venom against.

I wish I could explain these feeble minds that it is not the religion that they hate, it is their insecurity that they actually hate. And unfortunately, this insecurity has no base. It is baseless. Why on earth should they feel insecure by the 12 per cent of the population? I so wish that the BJP, RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and their likes, stop influencing young minds against their own countrymen. It is silly to be obsessed with a country (read Pakistan) that literally has no relevance in our lives today. If soldiers are being sacrificed on the border, then it is both ways. Why blame each Muslim in India for the exchange of fire that takes place on the border? If that is the case, then let the hatred be against all Muslims all over the world.

No one gives a second thought before holidaying in Dubai or any other Muslim nation? No one gives a second thought before using the fuel that may have come from some Muslim country? What if these countries block India?

Religion cannot and should not be a parameter to judge anything, let alone one’s belongingness to India. I am embarrassed to say, but yes, all those who spit venom against me and other Muslims on twitter leave no stone unturned to hurt us in the most disgusting way and for a reason that is not even justified.

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