Joint Shia-Sunni Namaz in Lucknow

Joint namaz at SibtainabadThe Shoulder to Shoulder movement which started in Delhi has now reached Lucknow. A joint Shia-Sunni Eid-ul-Zuha namaz was offered at Imambada Sibtainabad in the city today. The event has been creating a buzz on the social media during the last few weeks.

The prayer was led by a Sunni Imam, Maulana Shehzad, and the participants included Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Sadiq.

It’s a welcome change from the regular dividing news coming out of the Muslim community. Let’s hope we see more of this peaceful efforts.

Eid mubarak to all!


One thought on “Joint Shia-Sunni Namaz in Lucknow”

  1. The initiative is a positive step towards improving the social order among the muslims. In todays world where muslims are already divided in many social strata among themselves observing common culture can bring many good thing out of these initiative….

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