Indian Muslims’ Growth Rate Drops Sharply

Muslims at Jama Masjid, New DelhiAmidst the usual interest and misrepresentation of facts related to Indian Muslims’ population, the following figures tell a different story altogether.

As per the latest Census of India (2011) the Growth Rate of Indian Muslims have gone down sharply from 29.52% (2001 Census) to 24.60%. The areas with the highest literacy in India are the state Kerala (93.91%) and the Union Territory (UT) Lakshadweep (91.85%). It’s interesting to note that Kerala’s Muslims account for 26.56% of the total population, in Lakshadweep they are in absolute majority at 96.58%. Incidentally Kerala also has the Best Sex Ratio (1084 females per 1000 males).

There are some four states and one UT (Assam 34.22%, J&K 68.31%, Kerala 26.56%, Lakshadweep 96.58% and West Bengal 27.01%) which have more than 25% of Muslim population. Not one of them feature in the Top Five states with the highest growth rate. Additionally four of these five states and UT have Population Growth (Kerala 4.91%, Lakshadweep 6.30%, West Bengal 13.84%, and Assam 17.07%) less than the National Average of 17.64%.

Education and social empowerment is what the Indian Muslims, like other less privileged Indians, need. The figures of Kerala and Lakshadweep speaks for themselves.

Let’s look at the brighter side for a change.

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