In Focus – Noorul Uloom Education Society

Saiema Mansoor SchoolNoorul Uloom Education Society (NUES) has been working tirelessly yet surely to brighten up lives in rural UP. They tend to achieve this through a healthy mix of education and culture. The underprivileged rural population in neighbourhoods of Western UP, which constitutes mostly Muslims, has greatly benefitted from the society’s efforts.

Extreme poverty has been the single biggest factor contributing to low education in villages of India. In many cases, illiteracy often leads to such social evils as gambling, drinking, dowry and superstitions. This means they can be easily exploited too. The state of women’s education is even worse. An educated girl makes it harder to find a suitable match, one that comes at an affordable dowry too. This exactly was the premise for NUES when they established Saiema Mansoor Public School at Parsana in district Hathras. The institution, accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) till standard 12th, caters to poor and illiterate rural families.

Activities at the SchoolsThe school has been achieving 100 per cent results for a while now. One major factor that contributed a great deal to the result was residences for the faculty.

The model since then has been successfully implemented in villages of Hathras, Agra, Aligarh, Azamgarh and Sitapur. One such school, the Abdullah Hashim Girls School, caters only to girls.

Apart from traditional education, the vocational training camps and public welfare programmes are also regularly organised by some of these schools.

For more information on NUES and its work, please visit


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