In the name of harmony

KOSI Kalan, a town in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, witnessed communal violence earlier this month. It resulted in three people losing their lives and several got injured. The normal life was affected and the market reopened only after 22 days on the 22nd of this month.

On 24th June, when the passenger train from New Delhi arrived at Kosi Kalan Railway Station, people heard a different noise that was strangely attracive. It came from a compartment from which a team of young and energetic youths was coming down. They were singing ‘Insaan ka insaan se ho bhaichara, yahee paighaam hamaara’. (A popular hindi song promoting love and harmony from the movie Paigham.) The group also distributed pamphlets to general public on roads to spread message of humanity, peace and harmony.

The team named ‘Sadbhavna Dal’, was sent jointly by Mission Bhartiyam, a social outfit. The National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) and Resident Doctors Association, AMU. The group had youths belonging to both Hindu and Muslim communities and included students, professionals and activists.

Aditya from Mission Bhartiyam said, “Our country is the symbol of unity and harmony; many such examples can be told of people from both communities who helped each other with pure heart.”

Ansar from NCHRO said, “We are youth and it is our duty to make efforts to bring harmony in society.”

During their schedule at Kosi Kalan, Md. Faizan said , “We have come here with a message to stop fighting and live with each other with love and respect. Be it Quran, Ramayan or any other epic, they all talk about humanity.”

During their day long programme at Kosi Kalan, communal riot victims of both communities came to meet with delegation members. Babu Sanab Puli, an old rickshaw puller, lost all gifts he collected for the marriage of his two daughters as the mob burned down his house. Shamsher Ali, resident of karimullahvas, had his house torched by the mob. Pandit Kishen of Gurushganj lost both his cars and home to fire resulting from the violence. Overall about 700 homes and shops belonging to both communities were burned and three people died in the violence.

The victims told the delegation that they were happy to see people who are working for humanity. They also told that they do not hold any grudge against any community and see no problem in getting help from the other community.

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  1. A very encouraging response,specially the choice of the song from Paigham was very good.How did they think of such an appropriate song?

  2. yehi pashu pravritti hai ke aap aap he chare, manushya hai wohi ke jo manushya ke liye mare. yehi pagham hamara.

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